Welcome to Nurturing Hands for Mums & Bubs.

Welcoming your precious baby into the world is one of the most exciting, happy and challenging times of your life.  You have nurtured him/her for 9 months and finally they have arrived! Your emotions are running wild!
The challenge of welcoming your new bundle of joy can often become overwhelming, you may not have family close by to offer support, or may not have fully recognised your inner confidence as a new mum. This is where I can help! I'm there for not only the bub but for you as well! Whether you have 10 questions to fire at me or just need someone to talk to. If you need a few things done around the house so you can spend some time with your baby or need to catch up on some sleep, with my years of experience as a mother and working with children and infants, you can rest easy knowing your baby is in safe and nurturing hands.
My name is Liza-Jane Scott and as a Nurturing Hands for Mums and Bubs provider, and as a mother, my service provides confidential and non-discriminatory care for you and your family. My aim is too provide non-judgemental support and guidance during this exciting time, but more importantly to encourage your routines for feeding, sleeping and play
With a world of information at our finger tips, as a new parents it can become overwhelming to know and have confidence in which path is right for your baby.

  • Tired, Frustrated, Sleep Deprived, Lonely, Needing Adult Conversation, Falling behind in day to day duties, Unsettled baby, Toddler tantrums !!
Im only a phone call away on 0400 761 924